“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” .     Mahatma Gandhi

MarketStrategy.ca has a 5 step process designed to provide the possible highest return on investment through increased market share and sales…

  1. Research
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. Branding and Creative Strategy
  4. Media Planning
  5. Marketing Execution


MarketStrategy.ca will provide both primary and secondary research to help you make better decisions about your business, your brand, your competition and your customer.  We have memberships and access to many secondary research studies.  This data is offered to our customers for free! 

The depth and quality of the aforementioned research is a little known marketing secret.  Offered free as part of our service, we can acquire local (by city) Canadian and US data, often specific to your business about market share, competitor information, growth trends, consumer behaviour, sales trending, market opportunity and much, much more!

MarketStrategy.ca can also help your business conduct primary research through focus groups, omnibus studies, internet research, customer interviews, phone surveys etc. etc. etc. 

Marketing Strategy


MarketStrategy.ca believes that a crucial step toward business success is to have a clear, well thought out, strategy.  The first step is to understand your target group then we outline the goals and objectives of the campaign.  This system is used to provide quantifiable measurement during the execution of the marketing plan.  We set objectives, write a plan based on these objectives, execute the plan and measure success based on return on investment.



Weather you are developing a new brand or re-evaluating your existing brand, MarketStrategy.ca will help you develop the best, most appropriate brand strategy for your business.  We do this by first developing the brand strategy then extending that strategy into strong visual messages that are consistent with your business personality, target and strategic direction.

MarketStrategy.ca will take the completed marketing plan and extend this into a creative strategy.  This will include guerrilla marketing tactics and positioning strategies developed around your competitive environment. Once complete, this creative strategy can be given to graphic designers so they have clear direction and focus when developing the creative message.

Media Planning


We integrate a media plan into every marketing strategy.  Our goal is to dramatically improve advertising results while reducing media costs. This is accomplished through our vast experience buying and planning both traditional and internet media.  We offer the best media strategy, and work hard negotiating the most efficient campaigns.

As the media industry becomes more fragmented, it is very important to have a targeted and results oriented media plan.  We develop media plans and strategies with a strong “return on investment” focus.  ROI levels are monitored during and after all campaigns.  We never stop working to maximize effectiveness through better more efficient media.

Marketing Execution


MarketStrategy.ca works with all of our clients to make sure all strategies are extended into measurable and quantifiable activities and actions.  We work with every client to make sure these actions and activities are followed and kept on strategy.  This system of execution has been the benchmark of our success.